We want you to have a great time with us, but your safety and the safety of our animals is our top priority; so we do have a few rules.

Remain in your vehicle at all times.
Many animals have a rut (mating season) and during these times, you could put yourself in danger if you exit your car.

Keep automobile windows rolled down
Keep automobile windows rolled all the way down when feeding animals. Never roll up a window when an animal is attempting to feed as this may cause injury to the animal or to your vehicle. All doors must remain closed.

Feed only from buckets
Feed only from buckets, not from your hand because animals may nip!

Please don’t tie up traffic
Pull over on the flat road areas to let others pass.

If you need assistance: please honk your horn
If you need assistance: remain in your car and honk your horn – a Park Ranger will assist you, do not exit your vehicle.

NO pets allowed in park.
We truly do love dogs, but they can cause a panic inside the park areas.

Speed limit is 5 m.p.h.
Many of our animals will be below hood level, please give them time to move.

Please don’t litter.
Different species have feeding unique requirements and we take great pride in their nutrition. These animals will try to eat trash you throw away.

You can drive through again!
You may drive through the park as many times as you like on the day of your visit to the ranch. Just be out before we lock the gates!

The last safari starts one hour before the Park closes.
You will want the time because it’s a good, long trip around the Park and it’s easy to lose track of time.